Garett Hall

Faculty Advisor
DIGITAL Marketing professor

john macrae

Faculty Advisor
Marketing and General Business professor

Fun Fact: Involved in Student Clubs since University

kevin bunt

administrative sponsor
Manager, Web Technologies and Development Operations

kelly-anne cote

sba executive team
general business student

Fun Fact: Not counting the house plants I struggle to keep alive, I have three pets. A cat named Jackson, a bird named Chip, and a turtle named Rocky.

Yunqian Li

SBA outreach team
general business student

Fun Fact: I love discovering business-related things during class! Also, my hobbies include K-pop dancing and music.

quanah patino

sba executive team
marketing alumni

Fun Fact: Serious sweet tooth, can eat dessert for breakfast 🙂


sba marketing team
advertising & communications student

Fun fact: Love pizza and concerts =)

Sammy Sous

SBA Marketing, Website team
BBA – Accounting student

Fun fact: Fluent in Polish, Arabic, and English. Can cook Uncle Ben Minute Rice in 59 seconds.

Marilena DelMonte

sba alumni facilitator
Police foundations alumni
hr management student

Fun Fact: Is very community-oriented and has a green thumb too!

    Tanece Kepple

    sba marketing team
    business Marketing student

    Fun Fact: Avid Reader. Creative Marketer.

    Serina kung

    sba Outreach Team
    business administration alumni