What is the sheridan business association all about?

Our Mission is to enhance the student experience through networking opportunities and to expand knowledge and career development.

Our Vision is to provide practical business experience to students, build confidence and enhance career development opportunities.

The SBA aims to do this by providing opportunities for community involvement, hands-on business experience, leadership, and teamwork.

how we do it:

  • We plan and run events for Sheridan students. Some key event themes are careers, entrepreneurship, and hands-on learning.
  • We develop business skills by treating the SBA like a learning model that allows students to practice marketing, communication, project management, and leadership skills in a social business-like environment.
  • We encourage collaboration, skill-building, and FUN!


  • Website Development on WordPress
  • SEO Planning
  • Social Media Marketing Planning
  • Email Marketing Planning
  • Content Strategy Development
  • Brand Strategy Development
  • Event planning
  • Event Hosting
  • Workshop Development
  • Membership “Customer” Strategy
  • Organizational Structure Development
  • Tech Strategy Development

What are you waiting for?

Join the executive team in bringing this mission to life