who we are

The Sheridan Business Association is a student run “Business like” organization. With this in mind, everything we do replicates a real business and creates business experiences for its members and executive.  It also connects students to alumni and businesses to build their careers.

The SBA offers a complete virtual, on-line presence with its own WordPress site, social media and on-line activities & projects. Once back on campus, we will have in-person meetings.

For over 20 years we have created a range of business opportunities for Sheridan students to build their business experience. We advocate for student needs and provide a space to share entrepreneurial ideas.

Overall, our vision is to make the Sheridan Business Association a hub to:

  • Connect the Sheridan Business community to business experience
  • Build business leadership and skills
  • Provide both resources and learning for personal growth
  • Promote networking between students, alumni, staff and faculty as well as the local business community

Sheridan business association initiatives


You can practice and have fun by competing with peers during fun games such as the Stock Market Challenge, Sheridan Dragon’s Den, and more that will let you sharpen your abilities.


Get involved with the SBA and be part of projects where you can develop your teamwork abilities!


You will have access to Career and Skill workshops that will allow you to acquire knowledge. You can build skills for your educational and career success at Sheridan and beyond!


Connections are important! Make a connection with other peers and Alumni whether you are new in Sheridan or about to graduate, you are welcome here!


Come and join us at our many free, virtual events! You can be part of games and competitions, take part in workshops, hang out at social events and get inspired by speakers.


Be part of our Community projects and events such as the Community Garden and the follow up Harvest Pasta Day!

Business skills

Develop the skills you need for your future! Working with the SBA, you will have the opportunity improve your digital skills, collaboration, leadership, problem solving, networking – and more!


We want you to succeed! Come and build your portfolio & skills with real-world experience!

Upcoming business Related Events